Adrastos On The Bimini Bummer At The Bayou Brief

My latest piece at the Bayou Brief is called Hart-Atwater: The Louisiana Connection. I take a skeptical look at James Fallows’ recent article, Was Gary Hart Set Up?

The Bimini Bummer is my new nickname for Gary Hart’s ill-fated meeting with Donna Rice, which led to this National Enquirer front page:


2 thoughts on “Adrastos On The Bimini Bummer At The Bayou Brief

  1. It’s good to be the skeptic! I’m one too! And I’m skeptical of your skepticism in this case. Well, maybe not skeptical, just wondering about the truth myself. First, why would Strother make it up? Doesn’t sound consistent with…Strother. What if Atwater simply meant he fixed it by…surveillance of Broadhurst or by wiretap? That sounds to me more likely than paying him off or Strother making it up. It’s good to read your backgrounder in the Bayou Brief. I didn’t know much about Strother and his career or connections. Though I’m an LSU journalism grad from 1974 (weekly humor column for two years in the Daily Reveille (or as we called it the Really Devilly) and danced at Edwards first gubernatorial election victory party under the big white tent down…where did I drive to; Napoleonville area?…I moved out of state in 1976.

  2. If Broadhurst was happy “pimping” for Edwin Edwards, why not for Hart? Fun and games.

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