Stupid Things that Make You Happy: GO!

Here’s one of mine: Incredibly earnest dissections of sillyass songs on Genius: 

Soulja Boy would perform the “Crank That” Dance, so Soulja Boy is saying watch me crank that Soulja Boy Dance.

On the phrase “up in this ho:”

 Soulja Boy says the phrase is not to be taken literally because it is not about an actual “ho”.

Okay then.

Let’s move on to some Salt-n-Pepa: 

Pepa is a confident woman and though some may think that she is a slut because she’s making the first move, asking the guy for his phone number, she’s letting them know that’s not the case. She’s just very attracted to this guy and doesn’t want to waste time playing games.

I mean, who does?

Eminem annotated HIS OWN STUFF and wants you to know he didn’t puke on the sweater: 

The first verse is all about Jimmy Smith Jr. It’s me talking about Jimmy Smith Jr.—like, I’m not saying my sweater, I’m saying his. I’m trying to show you what his life is about.

Nicki Minaj’s entire catalogue is well-suited to this kind of detailed analysis: 

Nicki uses her ball-point pen all the time, not just for writing verses, but also for autographs, endorsement deals, and contracts. A finger roll is used to describe a basketball layup that rolls off a player’s fingers. Nicki’s pen flows with the same ease.

They’re all excellent.