Quote Of The Day: Pete Hamill On Donald Trump

There’s a swell documentary currently showing on HBO, Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists. It’s about the great New York newspaper columnists, Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill. Not only were they fine journalists, they were great writers. I give the documentary 3 1/2 stars and an Adrastos Grade of B+.

On to the quote of the day. Breslin died in 2017 but Hamill is still with us. Neither of them cared for Donald Trump. Here’s what Pete had to say about Trump’s infamous 1989 Central Park Five ad calling for the return of the death penalty in New York:

“Snarling and heartless and fraudulently tough, insisting on the virtue of stupidity, it was the epitome of blind negation.

Hate was just another luxury. And Trump stood naked revealed as the spokesman for that tiny minority of Americans who live well-defended lives. Forget poverty and its causes. Forget the degradation and squalor of millions. Fry them into passivity.”

Pete Hamill wasn’t always right but he never minced words. That’s pretty good writing for a high school dropout. I like his first name too.

2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Pete Hamill On Donald Trump

  1. I had the honor of meeting and conversing with Pete Hammill in NYC many years ago, His writing had a very profound and positive experience in my life.

  2. My absolute favorite, I first read Pete in “Snow in August”, I was mesmerized! Lord what a wonderful write and “FOREVER”, How mind blowing. I didn’t do laundry for over a week. Thank you Pete, you handsome devil, you and wife are a beautiful couple….Just saw you on CBS This Morning. Carrie Lou

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