Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – bits and pieces edition

Just some random stuff this week.  Finally recovered from that herniated disc thing, BTW, so that’s a plus.

First up – the barber takes a poll !
(apologies to Spinal Tap)

Poll: 58% Of Voters Approve Trump Economy Ahead Of 2020
Breitbart ^ | 4-11-2019 | Michelle Moons

Posted on 4/11/2019, 1:08:05 PM by blam

American voters were concerned about an economic downturn in a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service poll that found 58 percent of voters approve of the president’s performance when it comes to the economy.

Registered and likely 2020 voters from both sides of the Republican-Democrat aisle were surveyed in the “Battleground Poll” from March 31-April 4 that reached 1,000, according to NBC News.

Of those, 59 percent expressed concern about the possibility of an economic decline. However, 58 percent approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing when it comes to the economy. The report noted that the president has been relatively consistent at a 55 percent overall job approval rating.

A whopping 82 percent of those surveyed said they are “extremely” likely to vote, according to the report.

As to the question of whether the country is going in the right direction, 74 percent of Republicans said yes it is while 92 percent of Democrats said no.

1 posted on 4/11/2019, 1:08:05 PM by blam
And instantly, it blows up in “blam”s face.


BLAM !!!


To: blam


I don’t believe what I saw this morning:

Blake Burman or Brad Blakeman, whatever, the Fox Business White House Correspondent reported this morning that these figures were on Lou Dobbs last night and they were wrong.

58%approval for economy was correct, but

I just read the whole article and reporter was WRONG.

And I am furious!!!!

16 posted on 4/11/2019, 1:54:30 PM by Maris Crane

Sucks to be you.
Next up – McNutt’s case !

Texas House Speaker drops constitutional carry bill after gun rights activist shows up at his home The Hill ^ | 04-06-19 | OWEN DAUGHERTY Posted on 4/6/2019, 12:25:51 PM by McQ444

Texas’s Republican House Speaker on Friday moved to drop the state’s “constitutional carry” legislation after a gun rights activist showed up at his home to push for the bill. Dennis Bonnen said the bill was “dead” after Chris McNutt, the executive director of Texas Gun Rights, appeared at his home to advocate for the controversial legislation that would allow Texans to carry firearms without a license, The Dallas Morning News reported. McNutt, according to the outlet, drove 50 miles south of Houston last Wednesday before turning up at Bonnen’s house to question why the legislation wasn’t moving forward faster. The paper reported that McNutt had posted rants on Facebook about the lack of movement on the bill prior to driving to Bonnen’s house.

1 posted on 4/6/2019, 12:25:51 PM by McQ444
Jeez – it’s almost as if he had second thoughts about letting unregistered doofuses with political axes to grind (and a handgun strapped to their waist) stalking people and trying to intimidate them.
But fear not – the Freeperati are on the case!
To: McQ444
Interesting. Maybe we should all show up at his house and ask him about this.
2 posted on 4/6/2019, 12:28:57 PM by TheZMan (I am a secessionist.)
You do that, cupcake.  Let me know how it works out for you.
To: SleeperCatcher


He should have said, “Get off my property or I’ll shoot.”

24 posted on 4/6/2019, 1:25:03 PM by ConservativeMind (Trump: Befuddling Democrats, Republicans, and the Media for the benefit of the US and all mankind.)

That might work, too,
To: ConservativeMind


Sorry sport, you can’t murder someone for standing there trespassing.

30 posted on 4/6/2019, 1:30:32 PM by DesertRhino (Dog is man’s best friend, and moslems hate dogs. Add that up. ….)

More bits and pieces below the fold…

Next up – mal where??

Chinese woman allegedly carrying malware arrested at Mar-a-Lago while Trump was there Market Watch ^ | Apr 2, 2019 Posted on 4/2/2019, 6:06:13 PM by detective

A woman carrying two Chinese passports and a device containing computer malware lied to Secret Service agents and briefly gained admission to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club over the weekend during his Florida visit, federal prosecutors allege in court documents.

Yujing Zhang, 32, approached a Secret Service agent at a checkpoint outside the Palm Beach club early Saturday afternoon and said she was a member who wanted to use the pool, court documents said. She showed the passports as identification.

Agents say she wasn’t on the membership list, but a club manager thought Zhang was the daughter of a member. Agents say that when they asked Zhang if the member was her father, she did not answer definitively but they thought it might be a language barrier and admitted her.

Zhang’s story changed when she got inside, agents say, telling a front desk receptionist she was there to attend the United Nations Chinese American Association event scheduled for that evening. No such event was scheduled and agents were summoned.


Ivanovich said Zhang carried four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing computer malware. She did not have a swimsuit.Zhang is charged with making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering a restricted area.

1 posted on 4/2/2019, 6:06:13 PM by detective
To: detective


She sounds qualified to be in charge of IT for the Democrats.

5 posted on 4/2/2019, 6:11:33 PM by thesharkboy (Charter member of the Basket of Deplorables)

Which, of course, explains why she’s a Chinese national who was at Mar-a-fucko.
Wait, whut?
And now – the post of the thread!
To: detective


Close the border now !

8 posted on 4/2/2019, 6:13:22 PM by SecondAmendment (This just proves my latest theory … LIBERALS RUIN EVERYTHING!)

Next up –  seeking closure !!
Trump steps back from Mexico border threat as companies warn of economic fallout
MSN ^ | 4/2/19 | Steve Holland
Posted on 4/3/2019, 12:04:02 AM by proust

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest U.S. business lobbying group, has been in contact with the White House to discuss the “very negative economic consequences that would occur across the country,” said Neil Bradley, the group’s top lobbyist, on a call with reporters.

1 posted on 4/3/2019, 12:04:02 AM by proust

Let me summarize Proust –
To: proust


Trump never intended to close the border. Ever.

3 posted on 4/3/2019, 12:05:23 AM by CatOwner

Cue the 13-dimensional chess brigade :
To: proust


He needs to stick with it, It’s working already, They are starting to sweat.

5 posted on 4/3/2019, 12:07:20 AM by Openurmind

But the Freepers ain’t buying.
To: Reno89519
Are you suggesting he lied last week when he tweeted … 


9 posted on 4/3/2019, 12:10:18 AM by CatOwner
To: CatOwner


I hope not but suspect you are correct. Else, my worry, is he’ll take some half-baked action, let the courts shut it down before the ink is dry, then complain. Some might disagree, but I do think this is a repeated pattern. Blaming the courts doesn’t excuse it in my opinion as some of the actions really are half-baked.

15 posted on 4/3/2019, 12:16:06 AM by Reno89519 (No Amnesty! No Catch-and-Release! Just Say No to All Illegal Aliens! Arrest & Deport!)

Has Mister Potatohead ever done anything that WASN’T half baked?
To: proust


Like this was not obvious last week?

Nobody should make promises or threats they can’t keep.

Bluffing is for poker.

17 posted on 4/3/2019, 12:25:54 AM by Sequoyah101 (It feels like we have exchanged our dreams for survival. We just hava few days that don’t suck.)

Do they still play poker at Trump Taj Mahal?
See you good people next Monday.

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  1. “Do they still play poker at Trump Taj Mahal?”

    Trump plays “poke ‘er” every chance he gets.

    Just not the card game.

    I’m here all week. Try the veal.

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