Louisiana Goddam

I was hoping not to have to write this post but the Gret Stet lege has joined with Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri to pass a so-called “fetal heartbeat” bill. Compounding the horror is the failure to include exceptions for rape and incest. It’s the latest frontal assault on Roe vs. Wade since the Kavanaugh appointment.

Making matters worse is that a Democratic Governor who I voted for and support on other issues, John Bel Edwards, signed the bill into law. I am disappointed but not shocked as he never hid his views. I had hoped, however, that his anti-abortion views were not this extreme.  I wish he had at least given lip service to the aforementioned exceptions. That’s what happened when Gov. Kathleen Blanco signed anti-choice legislation back in 2006. There was even a Gret Stet miracle in 1990 when Gov. Buddy Roemer vetoed an anti-abortion bill. There are no miracles in 2019.

Here’s what the Governor said about his decision:

I strongly disagree that this is a common garden variety disagreement. The fundamental issue is respect for women and their right to control their own destiny. It’s a dark day in the Gret Stet of Louisiana.

Louisiana liberals are on the horns of a dilemma. Here’s my personal plan: I will vote for Edwards but it will be a clothespin vote. I will not actively support Edwards and will not argue with people who cannot support him because of this dreadful bill. I completely understand why they feel that way and respect their views.

Unfortunately, Edwards is the best we can do in deep red Louisiana. Any Republican will be much, much worse. The lesser of two evils rule is depressingly in effect.

Goddam Louisiana, goddam.

5 thoughts on “Louisiana Goddam

  1. And no doubt that the Supremely Deplorable Five (Lawless John, Stripsearch, Token, Kav, and Squi) will be glad to rubberstamp the flushing of Roe v Wade, also too.

  2. Agree. Was chatting with 2 other displaced people last night, all of us hoping our lives will re-order themselves in such a way that we can return. Both friends said this actually has a huge impact on their desire to come home.

    Even I, as much as I dislike NY, am grateful to currently be in a place where that will never fly and they hate Trump enough to pass legislation to release his dirty laundry asap.

  3. Tell me, Governor, have you issued any death-penalty stays of execution because you’re pro-life, or are you just pandering for votes?

    1. We haven’t had an execution since 2010. His record otherwise is pretty on criminal justice reform, medicaid and LGBTQ issues,

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