3 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Hippie Doctor

  1. One day in 7th grade I sat down in home room and the teacher started ranting about The Beatles, who’d just arrived in NYC. And, of course, especially their obscenely long hair. I hadn’t heard of them before that, so when I got home I looked through the paper and found a picture of them all sitting on a couch at some press gathering. They looked pretty normal to me, albeit with “long” hair. A few years later I had that same “long” hair, which resulted in things like kids throwing rocks at me and any other offenders. By the time the 70s rolled around, everybody’s grandfather had hair that long; after all, we’re just talking about it hanging slightly over your ears.

    And beards, like the Hippie Doctor there? Dick van Dyke did a movie whose entire plot was the outrage he faced when, as a bank employee, he grew a neat beard.

  2. Since you’re a Bay Area native, I thought you might remember this guy, the original hippie doctor, Dr. HipPocrates.

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