The Return Of The Kavanaugh Mess

Last fall, I devoted much of my blog-tention to the Kavanaugh Mess. I wrote some 20 posts about it and even created a category devoted to all things Justice Bro. I’d effectively retired the category until today when it roared back to life like the monster in Son Of Frankenstein.

The New York Times broke the latest Kavanaugh story in an op-ed which is an offhand way to do it. The headline was on the squishy side, but the story was not:

There was additional agita about the story but I’d rather beat up on Republicans than the NYT today so read this TPM piece to be fully informed on the latest mishigas.

The details of the correction and tweet deletion aren’t important. What’s important is that this story reaffirms that Kavanaugh committed perjury during his confirmation testimony. Josh Marshall re-posted this tweet from last year to reinforce the point:

Lying may be commonplace in the Trump era, but it shouldn’t be rewarded with a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court. The Republican response contains no surprises. It’s best summed up by this meme:

Where do we go from here? We know that Justice Bro will not resign and that his colleagues are unlikely to pressure him to do so. Justice Thomas lied at his confirmation hearing as well and he’s been a Supreme for 28 years.

Impeachment is popular in many quarters including among Democratic presidential candidates. While I’m favor of impeaching the president* in what would be a symbolic act, I’m not inclined to support a move against Kavanaugh when there is NO CHANCE of his removal from office. 17 members of the current Senate are unlikely to admit they screwed the pooch on the Kavanaugh confirmation and vote to remove him.

Impeachment is an arrow that should be kept in the quiver until the Democrats control the Senate and White House along with the House. It may happen sooner than many think.

Sometime soon, I’ll share my 1980 In 2019 theory but right now it’s underbaked and I don’t want to post it until there’s the possibility of a Hollywood handshake. That’s Paul Hollywood of Great British Baking Show fame, not the town in Southern California. Who wants to hear the dread phrase soggy bottom?

I agree with everyone who is outraged by the return of the Kavanaugh Mess. BUT I think we should resist smart and focus like a laser beam on ousting the Kaiser of Chaos and Moscow Mitch. As much as Kavanaugh deserves to be impeached, it should wait until there’s a chance for removal or perjury charges to be filed. The earliest possible date is January 2021. Mark your calendars.

Repeat after me: revenge is a dish best served cold.

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6 thoughts on “The Return Of The Kavanaugh Mess

  1. We just need to remove every Senate Republican. We can get rid of most of them. We supposedly have the cash. All that cash we threw at marriage equality and the ACLU after Trump was elected needs to be amassed again. We need to sacrifice and push. Let’s take the Senate back.

  2. Why hold off? Is there a Double Jeopardy clause about impeachment charges in the big C? In other words, if he is impeached but not removed, what’s to prevent Team D from impeaching him a second time once we find the votes?

  3. Impeach? How about we just indict. I know there is a DOJ OPINION that says you can’t indict a *president, but I’ve never heard of such an opinion in the case of a Supreme Court justice and I know for point of fact that lower court judges have been indicted while on the bench. Indict him, convict him, and send him to jail. Then let cell mate Bubba give HIS opinion on impaling…er…impeaching him.

  4. you know what’s BS? calling someone guilty with no evidence! How about innocent until proven guilty? Or is that only if you’re a liberal? By now you have heard how much of this story is bullshit, right? The NYT didn’t interview anyone, the woman who was the so-called victim doesnt even remember it? This news from the NYT was not fit to print.

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