Betrayal By Tweet

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President* Pennywise has been melting down for days. His Twitter feed gets crazier by the second. He wants to impeach people who are not subject to that process: Romney, Pelosi, and Schiff. He wants to jail Adam Schiff for being so damn articulate and right about everything. If only he’d threaten to hold his breath until he turns blue. That way he’d pass out and give it a rest.

The Insult Comedian has a nasty habit of agreeing with the last person with whom he speaks. He spoke to Turkish President Erdogan, then did his bidding by giving the Turks a green light to enter Syria and “deal with” the Kurds.

I’m not one of those Greek-Americans who pathologically hates and mistrusts the Turks BUT the Turkish strongman has those feelings about the Kurds. There’s a long history of enmity between the Turks and Kurds of which  President* Pennywise is ignorant. His ignorance could get people killed as well as ISIS prisoners released. It’s that bad, y’all.

Speaking of bad, President* Pennywise failed to consult with the military brass or any of our allies other than Turkey before firing off that Tweet. It’s madness. Speaking of which, this may be the craziest thing Trump has ever tweeted:

Great and unmatched wisdom? More like great and unmatched stupidity or great and unmatched lunacy. My hunch is that he’s parroting something Erdogan said on the phone. Turkish is a florid language. Trump speaks Jerkish, the only thing florid about him is his face.

An old friend of mine had an excellent response to that unhinged Tweet:

This isn’t the first time that the United States or another great power has betrayed the Kurds. BUT  in the past, it was done out of cynical calculation of national self-interest. This was done as part of a presidential* tantrum over impeachment. It’s President* Pennywise’s idea of notching a win that he can brag about at his next rally, which happens to be in the Gret Stet of Louisiana.

Repeat after me: Donald Trump is mentally ill. It’s time to fit him with a straitjacket, invoke the 25th Amendment, and remove President* Pennywise from office. I know it won’t happen but I can dream, can’t I?

The last word goes to the Kinks:



5 thoughts on “Betrayal By Tweet

  1. It is my recollection that the Kurds helped the US during the first Gulf War. Which made them our allies, right? Sure but not for too long. We had agreed to pay the Kurdish soldiers, but then changed our minds. Hell, we were talkin of enough kerosene and cooking oil to see them through the winter, but what the fuck? So, now that they are not our allies, we can feed em to whomever we want, right? What am I missing here?

    1. The 1991 betrayal was based on Poppy Bush’s not wanting to occupy Iraq. The only way to save the Kurds, alas.

  2. One story has it that Erdogan has dreams of reestablishing Turkish preeminence over the Levant, ex Israel of course, but including Mecca. A modern caliphate. Writ large not likely

    Among other thing Erdogan is again threatening to start ejecting Syrian refugees, over half a million and like in all places refugees are disliked, and begin a new wave of rickety boats in the Mediterranean and more trouble for European governments, who don’t want them either. I am sure Trump is aware of this. The Muslim invasion of Europe is a center piece of all their fears. I would be shocked if this message was not delivered to Trump before or during the call.

  3. “Oz, the great and powerful, has spoken!” And I’ve spent all day listening to media normalize this just as if the most powerful man in the world wasn’t batshit insane.

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