Friday Night Music: I Want You To Want Me

I haven’t done a stand alone music post for quite some time. It’s time to change that.

I Want You To Want Me was written in 1977 by Rick Nielsen for Cheap Trick’s In Color album but is best known for the version on Live At The Buddokan. It was one of the songs that Ashley Morris requested be played at his funeral so it has extra resonance for his family and friends.

We have two versions of I Want You To Want Me for your listening pleasure: Cheap Trick live and a cover by Dwight Yoakam, country singer and Cheap Trick fan:


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Music: I Want You To Want Me

  1. Which Cheap Trick video was it where they stopped mid-song, everyone looked at each other, then drummer Bun E. Carlos pulled out a remote control, clicked it, and the video re-started? I always get a chuckle thinking about that.

  2. So much better as the honky-tonk country version … as if Nielsen had written it for Dwight Yoakam to begin with. Thanks for the music post!

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