Pulp Fiction Thursday: Dig That Crazy Grave

I’ve been keeping it light this week because we’re all in need of comic relief. This feature is uniquely suited to black humor, which is useful in times like these. If we can laugh at our deepest fears, we have a better chance to survive them; at least I hope so.

On to this week’s book cover. As far as I know, none of the 3-dozen Shell Scott books were ever filmed. It’s a pity: Leslie Nielsen would have been perfect casting.

One thought on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Dig That Crazy Grave

  1. Hi, I’d like to recommend a pulp fiction book cover but all I’ve got is a detective series in hopes that the books might have a cover you can use. Author, Chester Himes. Series, Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones. They are reissued with good covers but no “dames”, and I don’t have the earliest editions to know if it gets more racy.

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