Quote Of The Day: Six Feet Under Edition

It’s long been a minor mystery to me as to why Alan Ball’s brilliant HBO series Six Feet Under is so underrated. It was set in a Los Angeles funeral home and ran for 63 episodes from 2001-2005. The funeral home in question was owned and operated by the wildly eccentric Fisher family. The pilot began with the death of the patriarch, Nathaniel, who became a recurring character as the most cheerful dead guy ever.

I suspect Six Feet Under was too unnerving for most people since there was at least one death per episode. That makes it a series for our time since 40,000 and counting Americans have died of COVID-19.

Six Feet Under also had one of the best series finales this side of The Shield or The Americans. I’m not giving anything away by telling you that it depicted the deaths of all the major characters:

If you’ve never seen Six Feet Under this strikes me as an excellent time to do so. The entire series can be found on HBO On Demand and HBO Go. I give it 4 stars and an Adrastos Grade of A. It’s a stone cold classic.

You’re probably wondering where the hell the QOTD of the day is. It comes from my new crush, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. She was responding to the Astroturfed Cosplay demonstrators last week at Lansing:

I’m surprised nobody said that before Gov. Whitmer. It’s another reason for her to be on the former Veep’s Veep short list. I’m still Team Kamala but Whitmer is from a state Democrats need to reclaim from the Impeached Insult Comedian.

The last word goes to Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood and Sam Myers who wrote Sleeping In The Ground:

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  1. Six Feet Under the best! One favorite death was the Rapture one with the blow up sex dolls in a traffic accident. Evangelicals and the radio. Classic.

  2. The rapture episode was hilarious. The final episode left me sobbing. It was a perfect ending to a very fine show.

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