That’s Why I Call Him The Kaiser Of Chaos

This is the third post with this title. The Kaiser of Chaos is my third favorite Trump nickname after the Impeached Insult Comedian and President* Pennywise. One nickname was modified in December, the other is of a more recent vintage, but the Kaiser of Chaos is the one that fits these chaotic times. It’s concise, it’s forceful, it’s descriptive. And now the featured image is in black and white.

I first paired Trump and Kaiser Bill in 2018. It makes even more sense in 2020. The latter wreaked so much havoc and chaos that the Hohenzollern dynasty was deposed at the end of the Great War. That was when the Spanish Influenza upended the world. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Calling members of the current GOP conservatives is a bitter joke. True conservatives prize stability and order above all else. The party of Trump is all about chaos and disorder. It’s not just Kaiser Don, it’s the whole despicable crew:

  • Bill Barr is threatening to join lawsuits aimed at upending the sort of stay home restrictions urged on the country by his master. Coherence be damned.
  • In the Gret Stet of Louisiana, Rev. Tony Spell has been arrested for defying the stay at home orders of Governor Edwards. He called the first COVID-19 death among his flock a fake and a hoax. These bozos should use a thesaurus. Their stage patter is getting stale.
  • In South Dakota, the Trumper Governor is ignoring a COVID-19 breakout at a pork plant. She apparently plans to pork the entire state in the Ned Beatty/Deliverance sense of the word.
  • In Georgia, nitwit Republican Governor Brian Kemp thinks that there’s a safe way to get a haircut. I don’t know about you, but my barber gets up close and personal when shearing my locks. There will be blood on the floor, not hair if any barbers or hairdressers prematurely open their doors. Better shaggy than dead.
  • In Wisconsin, there’s wholesale chaos wrought by the state GOP. I’ve urged our Scout to write about their lethal antics. I hope she does.

This is just a sample of the crazy going on across the country. All these incoherent actions have only one thing in common: CHAOS. They want to blow enough smoke that the nation suffocates. It’s the Trumper version of drowning the government baby in the bathtub.

The only antidote to the chaos and confusion is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Let the Republicans follow the Kaiser of Chaos off the cliff. The original Kaiser of Chaos fled to Holland after abdicating the throne. Let’s send the Kurrent Kaiser packing to Florida where he can hang out with his pal Gov DeSantis. They deserve each other. The country does not.

Since the post is full of K-words, the last word goes to The Kinks; twice because of the Two Kaisers.

4 thoughts on “That’s Why I Call Him The Kaiser Of Chaos

  1. It is an irony, the way that the ‘Spanish Influenza’ worked out. The fact is that it is not from Spain. Spain, at the time, had a freer press than what did Great Britain or France, to name two. The Spanish press reported it, but was neither the origin or one of the ‘hot spots’ of the disease.

  2. South Dakota, not North.
    On a side note, do we really need two Dakotas? Their populations combined don’t add up t a good sized city.

    1. Oops. We have 2 Dakotas so the GOP can have 4 senators instead of 2.

  3. I was just about to say this. The evidence says that the “Spanish flu” actually originated on a farm in Kansas. Then it spread to an army base in Kansas and then, via troop ships, to the world. So we should call it the Kansas flu.

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