Bayou Brief: American Roulette

My latest column for the Bayou Brief is online. The tagline is succinct and snappy:

“The 13th Ward Rambler spins Fortuna’s Wheel, landing on Ignatius Reilly, Phase Two in NOLA, Slave Owner Statues, and the Nykvolution.”

The Nykvolution refers to the collapse of what was once the largest krewe in Carnival. It had a sister krewe, Pandora, which rolled in suburban Metry. Its implosion went public after my column went live. That’s what happens when you open Pandora’s Box.

The last word goes to Kay Starr and Johnny Hartman with a song I forgot about. Oops. I hope Fortuna isn’t vexed:

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  1. A bit off-topic but…this was in ‘The Nib’ today about the NOPL chaos during the shutdown .

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