Fire and Rain

It’s Labor Day. In the past, I’ve written about it as the traditional kick-off of the general election season. In the 21st Century, the campaigning never stops so I’m writing about holiday weekends and their effect on the pandemic instead. There were spikes two weeks after both Memorial Day and Independence Day. The bars on Bourbon Street are closed but it’s still jam packed with idiots out to party with other idiots. I see another spike coming in New Orleans, alas. Thanks, college kids.

As you can see, I have death on my mind, which is why I’m posting songs of mortality, I wish death would take a holiday but he’s extra busy right now. Before the music, a movie poster:

We’ve gone from the mustache of war to the monocle of death.

We have two songs sung by great singers for your listening pleasure today.

First, one of the most famous songs of the 1970’s. It put James Taylor on the map and he’s still there lo these many years later. Fire and Rain was written by JT after learning of the suicide of a friend:

He Stopped Loving Her Today was written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Puttman in 1979. It was recorded by George Jones the following year. It was something of a comeback for Jones as it was his first number 1 hit in many years.

It tells the story of a lost love that persisted until the song’s protagonist died. Holy tears in your beer, Batman. It became a hit again after George died in 2013.

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