Quote Of The Day: Donny Junior On ‘Sacrifice’

I usually quote smart people in this feature. I decided to branch out and quote Donald Trump Jr. He is, if anything, a bigger dumbass than dear old dad. Donny Junior has “written” a book, Triggered, in which he tells a touching tale of ‘sacrifice’ Trump-style:

“Meanwhile, it also took two months for me to realize the enormity of what my father had accomplished, and the weight of the job that he’d won. It was the day before the inauguration, and we were driving into Arlington National Cemetery, where he was to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I rarely get emotional, if ever. I guess you’d call me hyper-rational, stoic. Yet, as we drove past the rows of white grave markers, in the gravity of the moment, I had a deep sense of the importance of the presidency and a love of our country. I was never prouder of my father than when I watched as he stood before the tomb, his hand over his heart, while the Army bugler played ‘Taps.’

“In that moment, I also thought of all the attacks we’d already suffered as a family, and about all the sacrifices we’d have to make to help my father succeed—voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were ‘profiting off the office.'”

I wonder if Donny paid his ghostwriter for this shit or if he stiffed them like dear old dad?

The book was published last December, but a link to the Axios story about it popped up on my Twitter feed because of the “losers and suckers” controversy that’s raging right now. I’d like to thank everyone for the kind words about my contribution to the discussion, My Uncle Was A ‘Loser.’

Team Trump’s response to the “losers and suckers” story has been as subtle, insightful, and truthful as always. #sarcasm. Note that in every controversy the Trumpers are the only ones who ever tell the truth despite the 20,000+ documented lies told by the Impeached Insult Comedian since he took office. I wonder what Trump’s lifetime lie count is. We know what the American COVID body count is: 189,000 and counting.

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  1. Junior’s story is just that – a story. Not reportage, not truthful reminiscence – just total BS, a fable for gullible children, if you will.

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