The Fugazi Presidency*

The Kaiser of Chaos treats the government as his personal plaything.  He also has trouble discerning a fake from the real deal:

President Donald Trump’s November 2018 trip to France is again in the news because of his canceled trip to a cemetery for fallen Marines and allegations that he disparaged veterans. But Bloomberg reports on another aspect of the trip that raised more than a few eyebrows. After Trump’s cemetery trip was canceled, the president suddenly had a few hours to kill inside the U.S. ambassador’s historic residence in Paris and it seems that during that time he took a particular liking to a few pieces of art. The next day, he ordered a Benjamin Franklin bust, a Franklin portrait and a set of figurines of Greek mythical characters be loaded on Air Force One to go back to Washington with him, reports Bloomberg.


The art was reportedly worth some $750,000 and the White House may have called them “historical” but the truth is that they were fakes and replicas. The figurines that now sit in the Oval Office are from the early 20th century by an artist who was trying to claim they were from the 16th or 17 centuries. The figurines have little value and are really “20th century fakes of wannabe 17th century sculptures,” according to an art dealer. The Franklin bust and portrait were also copies of the originals. White House officials ended up borrowing the original portrait from the National Portrait Gallery and hanging it up in the Oval Office rather than the replica Trump brought back from France

The joke’s on you, Donny. You’re the fake. Ben Franklin was the real deal.

I bet the Impeached Insult Comedian doesn’t know that Franklin was the first Postmaster General. It was an important job back then, not one for flunkies and donors. It used to be DeLovely, not DeJoy:


This story is an excellent metaphor for the Trump presidency*. He’s a fake tough guy. He’s a fake billionaire. He has a fake tan and fake hair. Nothing about him is real. It’s the Fugazi presidency*.

That reminds me of a more convincing fake gangster, Al Pacino as Lefty Ruggiero in Donnie Brasco:

What? No apostrophe? Did President* Pennywise make that GIF? Punctuation isn’t his strong suit either. He might, however, warn Lefty that Donnie is an agent of the deep state.

The last word goes to Frank Zappa: