Dissing Rudy’s Latest Disinformation Campaign

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The artist formerly known as Mayor Combover is at it again. Rudy is peddling another false Ukraine-Hunter Biden story. The man who got Trump impeached continues to be a useful idiot for Russian intelligence. The story was peddled to the New York Post, which is one of the Trumpiest news outlets in Trumpistan.

Does this pass the smell test?

One of the most bizarre and suspect aspects of the Post’s article is the way in which the reporters say they obtained the Hunter Biden dirt. In April 2019, according to the article, an unidentified individual dropped off a water-damaged MacBook Pro at a computer repair shop in Delaware, Joe and Hunter Biden’s home state. The customer never returned to retrieve the laptop or pay the bill, even though the shop owner repeatedly tried to reach out, according to the Post. The owner couldn’t positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden, but he says he noticed a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on the laptop. (The repair receipt that the Post claims to have obtained also lists Hunter Biden as the customer.) The owner then looked through the laptop’s hard drive and supposedly came across the emails, along with a lascivious video and images of Hunter Biden, so he alerted the FBI and handed over the devices. Before turning in the materials to the feds, though, the shop owner copied the hard drive and inexplicably decided to give a copy to Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. It was Giuliani who then supplied the reporters with the hard drive’s contents.


Sound familiar? It’s not very original. Thus far, the MSM has been leery of the story. So, too, have Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s hoping that MSM won’t be fooled again by this mishigas. They bought into the Hillary Clinton email scam so you never can tell.

If anything ever smacked of desperation this sleazy gambit does. It didn’t work the first time: nobody cares about Hunter Biden.

Repeat after me: They know they’re losing

Here are links to some articles that diss Rudy’s disinformation campaign:

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The estimable David Corn contacted the repair guy and tweeted about it:

The thread is longer so if you want to read it, click on the first tweet.

I’m surprised the guy’s name isn’t Vladimir or Ivan. The story is terrible, nonetheless. I hope that pun was Badenov for you, Boris.

The last word goes to Pete Townshend with a message for the MSM:


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  1. “does this pass the ‘smell test’?”

    Vladimir+Trump+Rudy+Barr ‘gaslighting’ is clearly about holding a lighter to farts, so NO, it does NOT pass the ‘smell test’.

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