Confessions Of A Political Junkie

It feels like 2000 in reverse. In that year, I was obsessed with the Bush-Gore recount, which ultimately broke our hearts and led to the election of the second worst president in American history. The worst is about to lose but he won’t go quietly. He never does anything quietly. In fact, President* Pennywise’s big mouth may cost him Arizona as he continued his feud with John McCain after the latter’s death.

In 2000, I was glued to CNN. In 2020, I’ve watched a bit of CNN in the daytime when Anderson Cooper is in the anchor chair but mostly MSNBC. They pulled the plug on Trump’s vile speech not long after that specious harangue began. Kudos to them for a move that was soon followed by the broadcast networks. That speech led to the Gray Lady using the word lie in a headline and Trump lie-counter Daniel Dale to observe:

At this point, it would be easier to keep track of the Impeached Insult Comedian’s true statements than his lies. I’m not sure that there have been any.

In other news, Steve Bannon has been banned from Twitter for urging the beheading of Tony Fauci and other “bureaucrats.” That guy used to be on the National Security Council and now he’s under indictment. That’s why I talk about the fog of scandal.

I’m particularly revved up by the Georgia count. They should replace the Klansmen on Stone Mountain with a portrait of Stacey Abrams. She’s one of the uncontested stars of this contested election. She’ll remain just as busy as the two Peach state senate races will move to a runoff on January 5, 2021. Georgia will continue to be the center of the political universe.

The presidential race in Arizona has tightened but Mark Kelly has been projected to defeat the appointed senator. I’m thrilled by this development. Mark Kelly is one of the best people in public life and will bring integrity to an institution that needs it.

It looks like today is the day that the election will be called. Pennsylvania is the most likely state to push Biden over the top. I’ve been pulling for that because it’s the state of Joey B Shark’s birth and it would make the call a bit less bittersweet. As in 2000, the fight will continue to rage because the incumbent is pitching a massive tantrum right now and he loves to litigate; make that lives to litigate. He usually loses in court.

The last word goes to the great Robert Cray with an anti-Trump anthem:

I agree with Mr. Cray: “Who is this man In our house? Who is this man? Better get him out.”