Sitting In Limbo

I’m impatient. It’s obvious that the Biden-Harris ticket has won the election. There’s no reason for the slow call by the networks and others. In Nevada, the great Jon Ralston has called his state for the Dems. Yet we wait.

I didn’t mind waiting until this afternoon. Now I’m bugged. After four years of a norm-busting president* we’re waiting for the normal process to kick in. That’s almost as nutty as the Current Occupant.

I have some gratuitous advice for Team Biden. It’s time to declare victory and address the nation. If you don’t, I get it but think about it. Your slow and steady approach won the election, but Trump’s wild charges and specious lawsuits are getting all the clicks. It’s time for that end.

Think of Steve Kornacki and John King: they need to get some sleep. They’re not the only ones.

Let’s play some music to help pass the time. We’ve gone from putting all our eggs in one basket to sitting in limbo.

The last word goes to the late Jimmy Cliff, my 13th Ward homeys the Neville Brothers, and Jerry Garcia & David Grisman: