More Perfect Phone Calls

I don’t recall why Eddie Albert had to climb a telephone pole to talk on the phone in Green Acres. I suspect it made no sense whatsoever but what did on that daffy sitcom? It was, however, a helluva recurring sight gag.

The Impeached Insult Comedian is on the phone a lot of late. Apparently, he has a lot of time on his hands after losing the election. His extended post-defeat hissy fit includes improper and illegal phone calls to officials in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The purpose is to get them to help him steal the election. You know it’s not going well when the cartoon villain who is Governor of Georgia turns him down. Imagine not wanting to go to jail for Donald Trump. What a fucking RINO.

Whatever the opposite of a bleeding heart is, Pat Toomey is it. He spoke out against Trump’s perfect Pennsylvania phone call:

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) on Tuesday called out President Trump for his “completely unacceptable” attempt at persuading state lawmakers to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results that handed President-elect Joe Biden a win in the battleground state.

Toomey’s condemnation of Trump comes amid the sitting president’s refusal to concede and most congressional Republicans refusing to recognize Biden as President-elect as they egg on Trump’s flailing legal battles contesting the legitimacy of the election process.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday, Toomey said that he “had a very pleasant conversation” with Biden in a phone call last week as he congratulated the President-elect and discussed some areas where they might be able to cooperate, such as on international trade.

It shouldn’t be a newsflash that a GOPer admits that Biden won and Trump lost, but it is. Fucking RINO.

We all make mistakes. I’ve made more than my share, but I try not to repeat the same mistakes. This is a lesson that President* Pennywise has never learned. It was a perfect phone call with the hapless Ukrainian president that led to his impeachment, after all. What a maroon.

The Kaiser of Chaos thinks he can pardon his way out of anything, but that power expires at the stroke of noon on January 20, 2021 whether he’s willing to admit it or not. What he thinks is irrelevant. He lied his way through his term, but he cannot lie his way into a second one.

Donald should hang up the phone and STFU.

The last word goes to ELO:

3 thoughts on “More Perfect Phone Calls

  1. “We all make mistakes. I’ve made more than my share, but I try not to repeat the same mistakes.” That would be boring.

  2. My bet is that the “phone on the pole” thing is a takeoff on the way some Amish/Mennonites won’t allow a phone in their house, so the phone is mounted on a telephone poll outside. Don’t have to climb the pole, just go outside.

    With all the election spam calls, I’d like to do the same.

    Cuts down on teenagers hogging the line also, too.

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