Life Goes On

Life is really fucking hard right now. The pandemic has gotten worse at the same time as white supremacists are rioting. The believe they can provoke a race war, their own personal Charlie Manson-style Helter Skelter. It was a demented fantasy in the Sixties and it still is.

I got sidetracked. Earlier this evening, there was a disturbing mass tweet from someone I don’t know well but care about. He’s lost some people to COVID and he was at the end of his rope. It was a classic cry for help and he got some. I understand he’s okay now but I get it. Life can be overwhelming at times, especially in the extended winter of our discontent. Those may not be words of wisdom but they’re all I’ve got.

That’s not really all I’ve got. As you know, I believe there’s a Kinks song for every occasion. There is for this situation as well, Life Goes On. It’s a song about someone who reaches the brink, but then pulls back. Since it’s a Ray Davies song, there’s a bit of mordant humor thrown in. I approve of mordant humor. In fact, I’m a proud practitioner of mordant humor.

I’ll post the tune followed by lyrics and there are a lot of them. Raymond Douglas Davies is a wise man.

The lyrics can be found after the break. I tried to format them so there would be spaces. It didn’t work. Oh well, what the hell.

Life Goes On by Raymond Douglas Davies
A friend of mine just had a real bad time.
You see, his life was shattered and he lost his mind.
His girl ran off along with his best friend,
And through emotional stress he brought his life to an end.
It was such a tragedy,
But that’s the way it’s got to be.
Life goes on.
Life goes on.
It happens every day.
So appreciate what you got
Before it’s taken away.
Life will hit you
When you’re unprepared,
So be grateful and take all
That you can while you’re there.
Get that frown off your head,
Cos you’re a long time dead.
Life goes on and on and on.
Life goes on and on and on.
No use runnin’ ’round lookin’ scared,
Life could get you when you’re unaware.
One day it’s gonna come, so you better accept it.
Life will hit you when you least expect it.
And one day when you are gone,
You know that life will still go on.
But no one’ll care if you’ve been good, bad, right or wrong.
Life will still go on.
My bank went broke and my well ran dry.
It was almost enough to contemplate suicide.
I turned on the gas, but I soon realized
I hadn’t settled my bill so they cut off my supply.
No matter how I try, it seems I’m too young to die.
Life goes on and on and on.
Life goes on and on and on.
Tornado, cyclone and hurricane
Can batter the houses with the thunder and rain.
Blizzards can blow; the waves hit the shore,
But the people recover and come back for more.
Somehow the people fight back, even if the future looks black.
Life goes on and on and on.

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