Pulp Fiction Thursday: Profiles In Courage

JFK’s Profiles In Courage isn’t the sort of book that comes to mind when you think of pulp fiction. It’s not fictional and the covers do not feature women with three heads or breasts. But it fits the moment in the wake of Trump’s second impeachment trial.

One chapter is about Kansas Senator Edmund Ross’ inner turmoil during the Johnson impeachment. I would have voted the other way, but Ross took what he believed to be a principled stand.

In addition to the longstanding authorship question, the book has other issues. The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann wrote an article last year entitled JFK’s Profiles In Courage Has A Racism Problem. What Should We Do About It? It’s well worth your attention.

Here are two dogeared covers of the best-selling book ever published by an Oval One:


2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Profiles In Courage

  1. The 35 cent (why is there no cent key on a keyboard anymore?) version on the left was my version which I suppose I shouldn’t have tossed but who knew. And yes it was on everyone’s shelf growing up as silverapplequeen says. The real question was whether it was there for decoration, political advertisement, or if you had actually read it. For my family it was all three.

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