Album Cover Art Wednesday: Meet Robert Clary

I knew Robert Clary from watching Hogan’s Heroes reruns as a kid. He played the lovable Louis Le Beau who, in the manner of all comedic Frenchmen, was a swell cook forever bribing the inept guard Sergeant Schultz with food.

It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I learned there was much more to Clary. He was a Holocaust survivor and a helluva singer.

We have two covers this week: the weird Hogan’s Heroes album led me on a Clary quest. I found 1955’s Meet Robert Clary, which has a similar vibe to some early Beatles covers. Oui, oui, oui.

Here’s the Clary album via Spotify:

One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Meet Robert Clary

  1. Chantal Mahler says:

    He spoke at my high school about his Holocaust experience. Seeing the numbers on his arm was heartbreaking. He left quite the impression and I’m so grateful a got to meet him.

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