Tucker Rhymes With Fucker

I was busy following the Louisiana-Second Congressional runoff (I’ll be writing about it this week for Bayou Brief) so I completely missed the latest Tucker Carlson controversy:

I usually don’t hold people responsible for a tasteless remark they made in college or high school, but I’ll make an exception in Tucker Carlson’s case. He’s the same entitled, smirking bigot that he was then.

This is a man who recently advocated the vile, anti-Semitic replacement theory, then denied doing so. He’s a disingenuous dick who wouldn’t know the truth if he tripped over it. He is, however, an expert at tripping over his own dick.

I take the “Dan White Society” thing personally. It’s time to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen’s snappy putdown of J Danforth Quayle:

I knew Harvey Milk.

Harvey Milk was a friend of mine.

You’re no Harvey Milk, Tucker.

What’s next? The Twinkie defense?

I second this reply:

A reminder that Tucker rhymes with fucker.

The last word goes to Harry Nilsson:

Fuck you, Tucker.

5 thoughts on “Tucker Rhymes With Fucker

  1. I believe it was CNN’s Jim Acosta who recently called Carlson Fox’s white-supremacy correspondent. That’s about right. His capacity for dickitude is unending.

  2. Sure hope the Tuckster never has to fly Delta to San Francisco. Their gates are at the Harvey Milk Terminal.

  3. Nobody seems to remember that Dan White also killed the mayor of San Francisco. Does this mean that Schmucker Carlson is in favor of assassinating elected officials? Maybe he can join the Lee Harvey Oswald Society.

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