Friday Catblogging: Pitbull Intimidator

Our favorite neighbor has 4 legs. His name is Tank, and he weighs 60-65 pounds. He’s an incredibly sweet pooch but has a rivalry going with Claire Trevor who weighs 7 or 8 pounds.

In her day, Della Street was known to faceoff with this “ferocious” Pitbull, but she was not obsessed with dominating Tank. Claire Trevor is made of sterner stuff.

It typically starts with a bark outside. Then Claire assumes her position on the end table next to a window facing her nemesis. Her tail swishes back and forth making a thumping sound. Tank barks at her, Claire arches her back and glares at him. Eventually, Tank backs down proving Claire’s dominance.

The moral of our story: Never underestimate a kitty femme fatale named for a cinematic one.

Here’s a better picture of the boy next door:

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