If Democrats Were More Like Republicans

Not even a Bowie Knife

If Democrats acted more the way Republicans act things might be different in these parts

  • The headline in the Dallas Morning News would be:


  • Democratic governors would be shouting at the top of their lungs for citizens to wear masks as well as turning around and signing mandatory mask laws that have REAL teeth, ie, don’t wear a mask and you are confined to your home for the duration.
  • Kristen Simena would have outed Lady G and watched in smug triumph as he squirmed to get out from underneath his own baggage.
  • MSNBC would have better ratings than Fox on a consistent basis.
  • The public would have been bombarded with TV and print commercials saying this Daily Show phony anti-voting ad was real. Plus the Voting Rights Act would have already passed.
  • Every time Republicans blathered Culture Warrior chants, Democrats would bring out photos of slaves, civil rights workers being beaten, and the protests over the murder of George Floyd.
  • The cries over a supposed “border crisis” would be outshouted by the cries to fix the countries these poor people are fleeing
  • Climate change deniers would be ridiculed for their folly and real solutions involving real jobs for real workers would be front and center in the public mind.
  • Etc., Etc., Etc..

Democrats don’t have a problem with their policies. State any one of them to any John Q. Public you meet on the street, strip out who is in favor of that policy, and old John Q. is going to say, sure I’m for that. No one will ever say they are in favor of polluted water, unbreathable air, heath care only for those rich enough to afford it, preventing citizens from voting.

So where do Democrats stumble?

They don’t outshout their opponents. And on top of that they allow themselves to get drawn into useless debates over petty issues that muddle the waters and make independent and never Trump Republicans say how can I trust them to run the country.

Like it or not we live in an age of Click Bait and Gotcha and political discourse via Tweet. Democrats do a good job of pointing out in great detail the downsides and absurdities of what Republicans say, but by the time they do the metaphorical horse has fled the barn. Learn to play the game. It is played in short tweets that do nothing to advance the art of political discourse, but do get a few idiots who currently vote Republican to switch sides.

You can win with defense only in sports. If you don’t go on the offensive and do it on a regular and consistent basis you end up only playing defense. In the world of politics, defense loses every time. Just ask Andrew Cuomo.

I’m tired of Democrats not getting out ahead of any issue and allowing Republicans to set the argument. Look at the disgusting way Congressional Republicans have framed the January 6th attempted overthrow of the government as merely a group of over zealous tourists. Yes, Democrats have pushed back on that notion, but not so much that the general public hasn’t laughed Republicans out of office. The Republican argument is a plainly absurd idea. We all saw with our own eyes what happened and it was nothing less than an attempted coup intending to install Donald Trump as the winner of the 2020 election.

More after you hit the button Max

Democrats, you need to learn how to scream. Get out there and start calling conservatives what they are, pawns of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Everything they shout out into the punditsphere is directly out of the mouth of Comrade Putin. His intention is to destroy our country and he’s getting all the help he needs from a bunch of idiots spewing the most ridiculous bullshit the world has ever seen. Tell me Mitch, what did Vlad promise you? I mean we know he’s got the Epstein tapes on Trump (pee tapes? what a clever distraction). We know he’s got the bank transfer receipts on the Trump SCOTUS picks. I don’t think he’s got anything on DeSantis or Abbott…yet. So what’s he got on you Mitch? Could it be that a state with over 50% registered Democrats miraculously keeps sending Republicans to serve in Congress through, shall we say, less than honorable means?

Look, we’d all love to live in a society where rational thought triumphs over gut reaction. We’d love to live in a world where the planet is cared for and the the people who live on it are respected no matter the color of their skin or how many zeros are in their bank account. But that’s not how it works in this best of all possible worlds. To think just the sheer force of your well thought out argument will convince Mr. and Ms. Joe Sixpack to vote for you is as simple minded as thinking the world is flat.

Stop bringing a Bowie knife to a gunfight. Start bringing the pain, hit them where they don’t like to be hit. Then hit them again, harder. Then one more time just for good measure. And for god sakes when they are down on the mat and the crowd is crying for blood, double tap them into the dust bin of history.

No mercy for those who believe in the idiot wind…

Shapiro Out