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Democrats Vs. Republicans

After my last post a reader who stands in opposition to what I said asked me some questions that I thought would be better answered in todays post then a simple reply to just him. He raises some points that I often hear from those who stand in opposition to my point of view. We will begin with

Since (Biden) took office, Gas prices in suburban areas of (LOCATION REDACTED) have hit highs of $5 per gallon.

Yes they have. I wish Biden had the power to put a cap on how much oil producers can charge for a gallon of gas, but until the socialist dream is achieved he doesn’t. Nor has any president. EVER. If you are upset about five dollar a gallon gas then start getting mad at the real culprits, the oil companies. Personally I think it’s because they see we are coming to the end of the age of the internal combustion engine and are trying to get as much cashola as they can before no one wants and/or needs their product. But if you think five bucks is high, wait till they start using Hurricane Ida as an excuse to raise prices.

And you know they will.

Since he took office, ISIS which was rarely heard of the previous 4 years are claiming to be responsible for the afghan airport bombing which killed many US marines and citizens that have been left there before being evacuated before the US army was to let in the Taliban to take over.

First of all, it was not ISIS that was responsible for the Kabul airport bombing but rather ISIS-K which is an off shoot organization not controlled by ISIS. US citizens were killed in the attack but many more of the dead were Afghans. That’s not an excuse, just a statement of fact. Could it have been prevented? I don’t know, but I do know that a second attempt was prevented with a well placed drone strike. I’m sure you were applauding the bold and direct action that Biden took.

Before he took office it was thought that there might be control on the current situation at hand but reading articles on CNN which is pro Biden, it looks like this August is worse than last year August (although you’ll claim it’s all others faults).

What control are you talking about? Trump’s “peace talks” with the Taliban? Look, let me make it clear, we had no business being in Afghanistan and we certainly had no business being there for twenty years. Biden said enough is enough, we’re not wasting any more money or blood on a place with no strategic value to our country. And if you want to cry about terrorists being there please note my earlier comment about the drone strike as an example of how to take care of things.

The Taliban have no friends, only those who give them money to buzz around and annoy Western democracies. Let them run an unrunable country. When the time is right an opposition group will take to the hills, just as the Taliban did twenty years ago, and begin a guerilla war that will end with them marching into Kabul. But if you think that will bring about a peaceful, serene Afghanistan I’ll remind you that the Taliban will just take to the hills and begin another guerilla war.

And one other thing. CNN is no more “pro-Biden” than you are. If you had said MSNBC I might grant you that. But I suspect that you get your news from neither of those sources. CNN as pro-Biden is straight out of the playbook of Fox Faux News.

 It’s weird that the last clown in office, how you’d call him, only story was how he was a pedo and was just playing golf. Our current president was home on vacation while our troops were being bombed and ambushed.

You might want to go back and read some of my earlier posts. I never just said “the last clown in office” was only a pedo who plays too much golf. I also said he was a thief, a cheat, mentally unstable, unempathetic, incompetent, incontinent, reckless, adulterous, egotistical, maniacal, narcissistic, psychopathic, greedy, power-hungry and oh so many other things. Oh, and according to those who he has played with, he cheats at golf. Jeez, I just realized we had Auric Goldfinger as president for four years.

Unlike “the former guy”, Joe Biden might leave Washington, but he never leaves the presidency. He might be in Wilmington but he still monitors what is happening in the world. But if you think that Joe Biden, sitting anywhere in the world, could have prevented the tragedy of the Kabul bombing all by his lonesome then your take on the powers of the presidency is a bit off. There was no intelligence suggesting this would happen which is a failure of the intelligence services. I would suggest their attentions were being pulled elsewhere. I no more blame him for the deaths of 13 Marines in Kabul than I blame Ronald Reagan for the deaths of 252 Marines in Beirut.

So, you focus your story like all others to a republican nominee trying to take office instead of bringing up good facts you’d have about why Newsome should remain governor and the good he’s done.

Well, yes, I did because the story was about the man who currently is the leading Republican in the race, a man few people know much about. The story was not about what Newsom has done for the state. But now that you ask, how about these facts. He put California into lockdown long before many other state and that’s why we have weathered COVID better than those states. Not to say it’s been perfect, but much better than someone who would rescind all mask mandates and vaccination requirements and allow the ICU’s to fill. Newsom also understood that citizens would be hurt economically so he made sure there were funds available from the “rainy day” fund we have because of both his and former governor Jerry Brown’s work to make sure our economy continued to hum along before the pandemic. Yes, he shut down schools because it was the safe, empathic, adult thing to do to make sure kids were safe. He has encouraged people to get vaccinated which Republican leaders don’t do, even though they themselves are vaccinated. Do I wish he had done more to go after PG&E for the death and destruction they brought to communities across the state with their failure to modernize or at the very least maintain their electrical power lines? Yes I do and in his next term I would love to see him take their franchise away and have the state take over power transmission, but again the lack of a socialist utopia will probably prevent that.

 I would like your take on our current president since your very democratic and the other side is Neo Nazi party.

I think you meant “you’re” and not “your” and yes I am very Democratic and yes the Republicans have descended into being a Nazi party (there is nothing “neo” about them). The Merriam Webster definition of fascism is “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”. Republicans exalt the United States and refuse to believe it is capable (at least in their hands) of doing any wrong. They claim the white race is superior to all others instead of heeding the words on our money “E Pluribus Unam” or in English “out of many, one”. Contrary to the facts, they believe Donald Trump won the 2020 election and should be the leader (dictator). They believe in voter suppression and make laws to disenfranchise minorities, women, and the poor, the very people who have the power to keep Republicans out of power. They believe that money is speech and those with the most should be allowed to dominate the political conversation. They blame a particular race for the ills of the country, setting up detention centers and trying to build walls to prevent “them” from coming here. I think they pretty much check off all the aspects in the definition.

As for how Biden is doing, as long as he prevents the Nazis, excuse me, the Republicans from taking us down the road to fascism he’s doing just fine in my book. And frankly yes, I’d like my roads and bridges and freeways and sewers and internet and all those things in the infrastructure bill to be better. It’s called an investment in the future that helps put people to work today. What exactly would be so bad about that?

And now, just because I know it will annoy you my friend, here’s Bruce Springsteen singing about the burden it takes to rise up and be part of the “the chain that binds us”

Shapiro Out

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  1. And, whether ISIS, ISIS-K, or ISIS-lite, ISIS hates the Taliban with an unquenchable fury – they hate Christians of course, but they hate far worse what they see to be “filthy nationalists” (the Taliban), whose heretical and impure version of Islam must be wiped off the face of the earth.

    I’ve bought extra popcorn for this one.

    1. Absolutely. I think the airport bombing was a dual purpose action against both the US and the Taliban. Ain’t no war like an internecine religious war.

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