If I Were King of the Forest

I’m going to cut to the chase:  the Republican Supreme Court justices are cowards. Their order came out under the cover of night—and on a night where much of the country was riveted by the complete havoc the remnants of Hurricane Ida were wreaking on the East Coast—and it was unsigned.

They didn’t hold a hearing or consult with legal and medical experts. They didn’t address the substance of the Texas law or even attempt to identify any constitutional issues. They gave an unsubstantiated and unrelated reason to deny the request to block the enforcement of the law, and then they skittered back into the darkness like the intellectual cockroaches they are.

People who have the courage of their convictions don’t do stuff in the dark, anonymously, and while everyone else is focused on something else. People who believe in their ideas present them in public, with facts, and take questions and criticism. People who are proud of what they do seek publicity for their actions.

I hate cowardice. I hate it so much when people do something they know is wrong and then they hide away instead of defending their actions.

It’s been a rough week and seeing how much Republican men hate women has been the main reason for it. I don’t know if men can understand how demoralizing, frightening, and infuriating the last few days have been. Right now in Texas a woman who is raped or is the victim of incest has to carry any resulting child to term unless she has a cycle that is 100000% regular.

There is no logical explanation for this apart from an extremely pernicious expression of sexism. I think Adam Serwer had the right take on it and his tweet can have the last word:



8 thoughts on “If I Were King of the Forest

  1. So how long before some in Texas try to compel the tech companies; Apple, Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc. into monitoring women’s photos to make sure those women are not hiding whether or not they are pregnant?

    1. I, for one, look forward to the haxx0r syndicates realizing that there’s serious bank to be made blackmailing rich GOPers in TX with potential abortion suits.

      1. I suppose anyone with a voter registration list could cause a lot of headaches given how the law is written. Maybe the blackmailers should get busy before the activists show up and make it a moot issue.

        On the tech side, several places are reporting that GoDaddy, the snitch site’s registrar, is booting the site from their system.

  2. I waited a bit to see how the dust would shake out with the Texas snitch site. It got bounced around a bit, but ended up with Epik providing web services.

    Epik is the registrar that provides services to the neo-nazis, full nazis, and lots of hate groups. Make of that what you will, but one government supported group in Texas is now openly aligned with fascist hate groups.

    1. This is a bit late, but …

      The snitch site has been booted again, Epik has forced them to remove the form that let anonymous users submit the information. Apparently what the snitch site is trying is too much for even Epik.

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