All The Children Cringe

You learn something new every day. I did not know that Trump-loving, eyepatch-wearing Texas Congressman, Dan Crenshaw, has written a children’s book. It’s about so-called cancel culture. I say so-called because it barely exists and surely doesn’t merit its own raft.

Here’s the publisher’s description of Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame:

In this Book 4 of Saga 1, “Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame,” BRAVE Books and Dan Crenshaw explore cancel culture and the effect it has on society. While today’s culture presents canceling others’ opinions as the solution to their problems, they don’t realize that a culture of canceling eventually cancels culture entirely.

Deep in the ocean, Starlotte City blooms beneath a dome made of glowing seaweed. The city’s beauty and strength are mirrored by its vibrant culture, and Eva wants nothing more than to take her place on Starlotte City’s stage. But, when one star performer suggests that they ought to cancel some animals for insensitive comments, the true strength of the seaweed city and its citizens is put to the test.

Will Eva have the courage to stand up to the crowds, or will she allow fear to silence herself and others?

Eva? Which Eva? Braun? Peron? Marcelle? Enquiring minds want to know all about Eva…

Dig how the suit-wearing cat has an eyepatch. I guess that’s supposed to be Danny Boy. He’s eternally vigilant and on the job or some such shit.

The illustrations are by a professional children’s book illustrator, Andre Ceolin. I wonder if the uber-nativist Crenshaw knows anything about his illustrator. Ceolin is Brazilian and has also worked with Scott Kelly, the twin brother of Democratic Senator and well-known gun grabber, Mark Kelly. It’s a small fucking world, after all.

Here’s hoping the raft of shame sinks under the weight of its own malakatude.

The post title was inspired by a Todd Rundgren song. Todd gets the last word:

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  1. There is not enough time or space in the world to list all the things in the last 50+ years that the right wing has wanted to cancel.

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