Ryne Hancock: Enough With Doom & Gloom

It’s been a tough week, but Ryne has some thoughts about how to dispel the gloom.


Enough With Doom & Gloom by Ryne Hancock

Early in the week, one of my Twitter friends posed a question on why Gen Z and younger millenials enjoyed basking in the glow of bad faith ideology.

While I couldn’t answer right away due to my work load at my day job, after a few blocks of biking in the Central Business District here in New Orleans and thinking long and hard about the question she posed, I found my answer.

“The reason why we have this both sides crap,” I told her, “is because the media hates democratic presidencies and on top of that, the mainstream media doesn’t like sane and boring.”

Hours later, during a Twitter space I hosted, I expounded my answer further with the problem that is plaguing this county, something I’ve seen more often than not on my Twitter timeline.

“What we have in this country,” I stated, “is a ‘me’ problem. It’s why you get the temper tantrums about vaccines and masks from adults. It’s also why a lot of people you see on social media like to nag Biden and Harris to do something.”

In the minds of “do something, nothing will fundamentaly change” people, Biden and the former guy are basically the same person. To them, they feel that Biden should automatically come in and fulfill all their demands and that change is supposed to be quick and in a hurry.

What they fail to realize is that change is supposed to be in increments, not everything at once, that it’s okay to celebrate small victories because those small victories add up down the road. ‘

The more small victories you have, the more it adds up.

However, because of the horrible mind fuck the former guy had us in for four years, we’ve forgotten how to celebrate small victories as a country.

How do we get back to learning how to celebrate small victories, you ask?

For starters, cut the cord and free yourself from the garbage that media spews out. That also include newspapers.

Secondly, mute words that are equated with doom on your Twitter timeline. The reason why I bring this up, is because a lot of people on twitter love to doom and gloom everything. One of my neighbors is quite an expert at this method.

And finally, take joy in small things that are not on Twitter. The whole world doesn’t operate the same way that the Twitter world does.

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  1. I wish I could “like” this a hundred times. I just had this conversation today, and especially about the twitter accounts who hate Democrats and exist simply for liberal voter suppression and to push political apathy.

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