Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Ani-“may I throw up now?”

Ok – let me make one thing perfectly clear – I fucking HATE anime’.
I despise it.
With the heat of a million suns.
Why? It’s not really animation.

I’m an advocate of the Golden Age of Warner Brothers cartoons – and not even all of them.
As the budgets shrunk, and the good directors left (or were fired), they were no longer turning out the 24-frames-per-second cartoons with the extremes and in-betweens that made them wonders. (and no, this isn’t a “cartoons were better back in my day” rant, as the WB Golden age was over before I had learned to read)

Hell, even if a WB cartoon comes on and I see that Milt Franklin (or worse, William Lava) did the music (which eventually became cheapo 8-piece “orchestras” instead of the 50+ piece resident orchestra of the Golden Age) , I change the channel. Because I know what’s coming. Stilted, stiff characters with no movement, too much dialog with nothing moving except the mouths, and chase backgrounds that repeat the same10 frames over and over, and over.

In the 80s, a friend came over ranting about this new “anime’ thing, and put a VHS tape of it on.
I watched the whole thing with him, and when he asked me what I thought, I replied :
“It’s Speed Racer with spaceships.”

Nothing moving except mouths, and eyes the size of tennis balls. No gags (unless you regard Spritle and Chim-Chim as comic icons).

Don’t think gags are important in cartoons?



I rest my case.


For a good part of the WB story, please give the following documentary a look :




10 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Ani-“may I throw up now?”

  1. Why don’t you and LittlePig (on alicublog) talk animation. I’d gladly watch that!

  2. So…you base your hatred of anime on two series, Speed Racer and the one you describe as “Speed Racer with spaceships”? A bit unfair, don’t you think? I actually like both anime and GA cartoons (Tex Avery is my favorite with Chuck Jones a close second).

    1. Let me clarify. I hate ALL “limited animation”.
      I hate Space Ghost.
      I hate Hanna-Barbera.
      I hate He-man and the masters of the universe.(none of these are anime)
      I hate Jay Ward, but he gets a pass (just barely) due to the goofy dialogue.
      and, I hate amime’. If the frame rate were any lower. it would be showing a series of paintings with blue hair and bug-eyes.
      There is only one “limited aimation” cartoon I can stand, and that’s Chuck Jones’s “Dover Boys”. He made it to mock the WB honchos who were demanding characters that stood stock-still and spouted dialogue. They didn’t get the joke.

      1. OK, I can see where you’re coming from. If I hadn’t seen anime since the 1980s, I might hate it, too. But I haven’t seen any anime that’s “limited animation” like you describe in years. One of the best anime movies out there is Akira, which is pretty much the opposite of limited animation. Incredible detail can be seen throughout the film. Many recent series are also probably just as good, if not better than the old GA cartoons. Speed Racer was terrible animation, I’ll agree.

      2. Yeah, any series, if it goes on long enough, will have it’s share of scenes which were animated poorly. And Dragonball/Z/GT/Super has been around for literal decades. The animators just get lazy and figure no one’s going to stop watching just because of a few bad scenes.

      3. Just to add here that you seem to be cherry picking a few poorly animated scenes in anime to support your argument that all anime is limited animation. That’s Freeper level logic right there.

      4. All anime’ IS limited animation. There are no examples to show 24 frames per second animation. Watch all of it you like, but I will not watch any of it.
        And comparing my personal tastes to Freepers just ended this conversation. Goodbye.

      5. I’m not trying to change your mind about anime, just pointing out the inconsistencies in your arguments. If you don’t want to watch anime, don’t watch it. No skin off my nose. And I didn’t compare your personal tastes to Freepers, just the logic you were using to defend it.

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