Even More Irksome Things

We begin with something I’m not irked about. Tommy T wanted to let the Freeper dust settle before resuming his regular Monday morning duties. It’s particularly toxic after the leaked abortion opinion so he may need a new hazmat suit. He’ll be back in the Freeper saddle soon. The man is a fricking saint.

I woke up feeling cranky and uninspired. I decided to take advantage of the former and dispatch the latter with an old Traffic song:

Before getting irked, some trivia: Steve Winwood’s daughter married Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall’s nephew in 2011. It doesn’t get more trivial than royal trivia, which is so trivial that this lifelong Winwood fan only learned of the wedding recently.

I’m irked that Steve Winwood who is rock royalty was consigned to stage right in the picture while Charles and Camilla were in the center. He was the father of the bride for chrissake. Did they consign Spencer Tracy or Steve Martin to the side in Father Of The Bride? Of course not. They’re movie royalty, after all.

I’m irked that Mississippi Gov. Tater Tot dba Tate Reeves hasn’t ruled out banning contraception in the Magnolia State. His very presence on the planet is an excellent argument for contraception.

I’m irked that the Turtle hasn’t ruled out passing a nationwide abortion ban if the Dobbs case becomes the law of the land. The good news is that he ruled out carving out an exception to the filibuster for such a bill. He wants a campaign issue, not a nationwide ban. That’s why holding the senate is imperative for the Democrats.

I’m irked that the media covered the Ohio senate primary as a big win for JD Vance and the man who couldn’t remember his name, Donald Trump. Tim Ryan easily won the Democratic primary and is an excellent candidate to run in a tough year and tough state for Democrats.

I’m irked that Never Trump Republicans keep offering political etiquette tips to Democrats. I mean you: Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, Rick Wilson, and Bill Kristol. Check out this tweet from the man who’s always wrong:

I’m irked that the son of the father of neo-conservatism is irked that people are protesting outside Justice Bro’s house. If he had any class, he’d bring them some beer.

I’m irked that Putin used Moscow’s Victory Day celebration to continue his specious claims that Russians are fighting the same fight as their fathers and grandfathers. The Great Patriotic War was a war for survival in the face of Nazi aggression. We call it World War II and the celebration, VE Day. It was the day General Jodl stopped yodeling about victory.

At least I didn’t make an Admiral Doenitz doughnut pun, Boy Wonder, he said in his best Commissioner Gordon voice.

Finally, a personal irk.

I’m irked that my Jazz Fest mud/rain shoes died at the Fairgrounds on Friday. The shoe lip came loose so I had to gimp about for the last part of the day. Being gimpy during Boz Scaggs sucked even though he didn’t. I’m irked that my legs still ache as a result of Jazz Fest gimpitude if that’s a word. I’m irked if it’s not.

Let’s close on a less irksome note. The last word goes to the great Boz Scaggs.