How To Even Begin…

Keeping up with the news…

I am going to get a little meta today with this post. It might seem that this is some sort of high paradise time to be writing about politics because there is just so much material, but lately, you look around at *all this* and start to wonder where even to begin thinking about a subject to write about.

There is just a general malevolent looney-ness about the country that it can be really difficult to write about. The writers here on First Draft have done a wonderful job documenting it (plenty of reading to be found here) but I know it can be tough to find the correct way to express it.

Some of that is emotion. This is a hard time to be a caring person who pays attention, and it is harder to put how you feel into words when you are upset. I know some people who do not really pay much attention and are probably happier than the rest of us. The problem, however, is they are the people who end up being most blind-sided when something happens like Trump winning or the Supreme Court of These Here United States decides to ban rights. So I suppose it evens out.

Some of that is a firehose of sewage that is aimed at our psyche every day. It is impossible to keep track of all the bad bills being passed by the Grand Ogre Party, difficult to process all of the truly awful conservative candidates for office, and my goodness, Florida itself is a source of angst for anyone who is not terrible. I say that with all due respect to the plenty of good people living in Florida, who must be really having a difficult time.

Steve Bannon did say the best conservative strategy is “flood the zone with shit.”

Some of it is best described as gaslighting. Me too, Jeff. Me too:

The gall, the nerve, the gumption, the etc. of these Very Serious and Reasoned People of The Discourse, who have been consistently wrong about this political mess we’re in, to lecture anyone about anything is something to behold. I guess they feel that “calm” = reason, but there are times, like when your house is on fire or an active shooter is in your building, where calm detachment is not the most intelligent state of mind. But hey, when you are lecturing the hippies and the lefties, you cannot ever be wrong, I suppose.

Some of it is a MADDENING lack of concern, and/or misplaced concern, during this moment by people we need to help us combat this. I feel sometimes like independents, or even some of my fellow Democrats, look out to see rapidly darkening skies and lightning and hear loud rumbles of thunder, and still not get there’s a storm coming. Even worse, somehow, after everything that has happened, things that have zero Democratic/left equivalent, there are still “both sides are just as bad” people out there. Should people protest peacefully outside a justice’s house? Sure, let’s have that debate, but don’t act like it’s somehow the same as right-wingers taking away the rights of Americans they don’t like.

People go on about how “Twitter is not real life” but really, my Twitter stream is a hell of a lot more in tune with what is going on than a lot of “offline” people.

So, anyway, sometimes it really is difficult to know what to write about. There is just so much happening. But in any event, here are around 600 words about how hard that is to write about.

The last word goes to Genesis, one of their few good songs from their glossy 80s era (fight me):