Some Requests For The ‘Both Sides Are Just As Bad” Crowd, Part I

I’m sure the Both Sides crowd can easily think of a Democratic/liberal version of this.

Sometimes, I’ll hear or see people fall back on “well, both sides are just as bad” during a political discussion.

I think some do it because they want to cling to some vision of a better past in American politics, one that never existed in the way they think it did (Thomas Zimmer of Georgetown University has written about how nostalgia like this is weaponized). We hear about “polarization” and “politicization,” as if these are problems created by both sides when if you believed that COVID was politicized, then you also must have thought your doctor was politicized, because they likely sounded much more like a liberal than a conservative when giving you COVID advice.

I’ve been asking people who believe that this “both sides are just as bad” thinking is the most reasoned for some equivalent examples by Democrats/the left of actions and statements by Republicans/the right. You see, reason needs reality and fact, and if both sides are truly just as bad, there should be equivalency for most of the terrible things the right has done since Trump rose as a candidate. Right?

Therefore, I always ask such folks for some equivalency. What follows are some examples that perhaps you yourself can try to ask that relative or friend who comes back at you with “well Democrats are as bad”:

Give me an example of the Democrat/liberal equivalent of…

That’s just a start. I have many more.

The last word goes to Dr. John.

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  1. The answer to all of these misdeeds is, of course, either “But her e-mails” or “Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

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