Malaka Of The Week: Patrick Howley

Patrick Howley is a veteran right-wing “reporter” and pundit who had not crossed my radar screen until last weekend. He shot off his big fat bigoted bazoo and said something unrepentantly racist. And that is why Patrick Howley is malaka of the week.

Howley is something of a minor league Tucker Carlson. Howley’s position on testicle tanning is unknown but he’s written for Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and other extremist rags. Can we still call them rags since they’re digital? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Malaka Howley also hosts a streaming radio show on the so-called Patriots’ Soapbox, which is down with Q if you catch my drift. The content is so horrible that even Tommy T couldn’t take it without a hazmat suit.

Howley spewed bigoted bile upon mounting his soapbox after the Country Music Awards, which was hosted by my homey, Anthony Mackie. Here’s an extended quote from Yahoo News’ Tomas Kassahun

“I don’t know who this Black guy is who’s hosting it. It’s supposed to be country music,” the bitter white man said as he showed a clip of the award show to his viewers. “No offense. Y’all have hip-hop, basketball. Just fly with your flock, bro.”

The one-minute clip posted to Twitter captured much more of the white man’s shameless behavior.

“The melanated people invented country music!” he said while mocking Black people. “We was making country music in Wakanda before Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard done stole the Black man’s country music!”

Still, the clueless conservative pundit continued to dig himself into a deeper hole.

“There were so many Black people there,” he said. “Sorry to say, but so many Black celebrities who have nothing to do with country music and it’s like — why?”

In typical racist behavior, the talking head tried to prove that he likes some Black people.

“No disrespect to the funky brothers,” he said. “I love Earth, Wind & Fire, Run DMC, etc. But country music’s different. Country music’s different. It’s not Wakanda.”

I am, briefly, speechless. While I recover, you can hear part of the rant here:

A white dude imitating Black dialect hasn’t been funny since Gene Wilder did it in Stir Crazy:

Wilder’s pimp roll was not bad at all. I suspect Richard Pryor was his pimp roll coach.

Back to Malaka Howley’s howling racism. Black folks in Country music are a thing and it’s not just Charlie Pride, Darius Rucker, and Rhiannon Giddens anymore. I guess Howley is too busy owning the libs to read Tressie MacMillan Cottom’s swell Vanity Fair feature, How Brittney Spencer, Joy Oladokun, and Other Black Women Musicians Are Reframing Country Music. 

It’s good stuff, Patrick. There are pictures just in case the words are too hard for you. Schmuck.

I’m not big on awards show. I used to watch the Oscars but gave that up a few years back. I’ve never seen the Country Music Awards, but I give them props for being more inclusive. There have been many right-wing country artists but there have also been such Cash-centric liberals as Johnny, his daughter Roseanne, and her ex-husband Rodney Crowell.

Heeere’s Rodney and Johnny:

I may not care about awards shows but I care even less what a bigoted boor like Patrick Howley thinks about them. I had hoped this sort of overt racism went out of fashion years ago, but the Impeached Insult Comedian has inspired a revival of bigoted boorishness and rabid racism. He’s unrepentant about his bigotry and so are creeps like this week’s honoree. And that is why Patrick Howley is malaka of the week.

The last word goes to Brittney Spencer with a song that someone should play for Howling Racist Howley: