The Fifth Of July

Cake for The Fifth Of July

Hey there, welcome back. How was your Independence Day? Get lots of hot dogs, apple pie, and fireworks? Good.

Because now it’s time for a revolution.

I don’t mean a bloody street fighting revolution that ends with the storming of the Capitol. I leave that for the yaboos of the Dipshit Insurrection. They have no other means of expressing their displeasure with the political system. And besides, they have to resort to violence because they are in the minority.

Yes, remember that. The Proud Boys, The Insurrectionists, The Trumpers, they are in the MINORITY of Americans. The holy rollers praising Zul for overturning Roe are in the minority. The gun nuts who demand no exceptions to their sacred belief in the holiness of the Second Amendment are in the minority. The “we hate everyone who isn’t like us” misanthropes are in the minority. The 1%ers wanting to not pay taxes are definitely in the minority. Even white people will soon be in the minority, just another one of the many minorities that constitute these United States of America.

They all have gone from being a part of Nixon’s Silent Majority (if there ever was such a thing) to being the Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Minority. In the age of instant sound/video bites those who yell and scream get the clicks and the eyeballs.

But they are still in the minority.

That’s why we need a new revolution. And it has to come from those of us who truly do believe in America, the real America, not the one the MAGAts and the Puritan Posse of SCOTUS believes in.

I hate having to use the Nazi history as the warning (I think it’s overused) but it does fit perfectly the situation we find ourselves in. So much so in fact that I have to believe those who game planned all this so many years ago looked to that history for a blueprint. The fact is the Nazis were never a majority party in Germany when it still held free elections. Hitler rose to power as the leader of a minority political party. Once in power all non-Nazis in Germany shook their heads and said in effect “oh well, it’s just politics, he’ll do something stupid and get thrown out soon enough”.

How’d that work out for you Mein Herr?

Hitler used all the mechanisms of liberal democracy to undermine the very notion of democracy in Germany. He gamed the system to allow his political party to attain power beyond all proportion of his actual vote count. Sound familiar all you folks living in outrageously gerrymandered congressional districts?

Add to that the desire of the less educated (and some of the actually educated) for a strong leader, a heaping dose of playing to long held bigotry against Jews, Gays, Romanies, and any other “other”, and a giant measure of pomp and pompous pageantry designed to reinforce the notion that they were the best of all people (you know, very fine people) and all the ingredients were there for that minority political party to become the disastrous hellhounds begetting the Second World War.

Let us not follow that example. We, the majority in this country, need to start yelling long and loud that the vileness spewing forth from the MAGAts is not American, not small “d” democratic, and not good for anyone other than themselves.

How do we do that? We vote. We vote for any candidate who is willing to stand up to the usurpers and say “not today, not tomorrow, not ever will we allow democracy to fall”.

There are now two political parties in this country. I don’t mean Democrat and Republican, I mean Believers in Democracy and Fascists. She may be from a long line of Republicans, but Liz Cheney is a Believer, never mind the “R” next to her name. He may have been elected as a Democrat but Joe Manchin is a Fascist. It cuts across the current party lines. It comes down to this: Do they believe in the core values of America; of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness or do they believe that Father Knows Best, that whiteness means rightness, that women’s’ bodies should be controlled by the government, that Economic Might triumphs over a sustainable world environment?

It doesn’t matter if there is an “R” or a “D” next to their names. This is not the election to vote the ticket, especially you nominally Republican voters. This is the year for you to take your party back from the MAGAts and return it to being a true American Conservative party. In Pennsylvania don’t vote for the Wizard of Oz just because he’s a Republican. In Illinois don’t vote for Rumple of the Bailey or any of his supporting cast because of the “R”s next to their names. Send Mark Kelly back to the Senate Arizonans and Raphael Warnock as well you Georgians. Don’t allow a single MAGAt, Trump endorsed, pile of nothing but opportunistic bullshit to win a seat anywhere in this fair land.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in politics nothing cleanses better than a resounding defeat.

This is not going to be easy. The MAGAts will have an entire cable network touting them as the future and turning a blind eye to anything that tells the truth about them. They will have reams of money from fat cat industrialists caring about nothing but having their profits protected. They will have fellow travelers in the media excusing every misstep and miscue in the interests of being “fair and balanced”.

Don’t let any of that get to you. Put your head down and power through the bullshit. Get your friends, your neighbors, hell even your enemies to go and VOTE because that is how we do it here in the US of A. And if after the votes are counted and their candidates have lost and they want to try some of that 2020 Trumped up “stolen election” crap then let those in charge know that you know that it’s not just a case of sore losers being sore losers, but losers trying to overturn the will of the voters.

Let the world see that the United States stands for democracy, not in the false words of those wishing to destroy it, but rather in the true actions of those determined to defend it.

We will rise on the wheels of a dream

Shapiro Out


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