Lucky Thirteen

Root Beer Blues by Dr. A.

It was thirteen years ago today that I published my first post at First Draft, Greetings From Debrisville. I didn’t expect to be still at it let alone the publisher thirteen years later.

We’ve been through a lot together: the Obama presidency, the Trump regime, the pandemic and on and on and on. We’re still standing however shakily.

I researched thirteenth anniversary stuff. I learned that there are traditional and modern gifts. Who knew? I find that bizarre, but we have a choice between lace on the one hand and textiles and fur on the other hand. The chrysanthemum is the proper flower. What’s the improper one? I might like that better.

There’s even a thirteenth anniversary gemstone: citrine. I’m uncertain what that is but I guess it’s lucky like the number thirteen. As a natural born contrarian, I adopted that as my favorite number just for the hell of of it.

I’d like to thank my colleagues past and present for keeping the good ship First Draft afloat for all these years. Special thanks to my OG colleagues Athenae and Scout. See you in the funny papers DBA the Tweeter Tube.

A reminder that our fate is still your fate:

As is my wont, I found some tunes that work for the thirteenth anniversary.

Let’s lace it up:

Does leather qualify as a textile? Let’s go fur a fur song instead:

Since I’m lucky to be here, the last word goes to my main man Chris Squire with Lucky Seven; just add six and thirteen’s your lucky number.