Sweet Blindness

It’s time for a drinking song. I nearly didn’t use Sweet Blindness because there aren’t many versions to choose from, but I needed a cocktail so here we are.

And, yes, that’s Frank Sinatra with the 5th Dimension. They appeared on one of his teevee specials as you’ll see in a moment.

Laura Nyro wrote Sweet Blindness in 1968 for her album Eli and the Thirteenth Confession. It’s a mixture of gospel and ragtime. FYI, her original surname was Nigro, which was how Southern pols like James Eastland and Strom Thurmond pronounced negro back in the day. That’s why Laura Nigro became Laura Nyro. Wise choice.

We begin with the songwriter’s original version.

The 5th Dimension turned the song into a sweet hit.

I promised you the 5th Dimension and the Chairman of the Board. Since it’s Frank in musician mode, he becomes part of the team. He’s clearly smitten with Marilyn McCoo but who wasn’t?

Holly Cole did a deconstructed version of Sweet Blindness for the 1997 tribute album, Time and Love-The Music of Laura Nyro.

Finally, a 21st Century version from Livingston Taylor.

What’s a Friday Cocktail Hour without an instrumental version of the week’s song. This is the only one I could find. I dig frangipane as a dessert, so why the hell not?

That’s it for this week. I propose a toast to the late Laura Nyro. Thanks for all the great words and music. It’s what Florence, Frank, and Marilyn would want. Never argue with them. Frank looks too happy to argue in any event.

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  1. Laura Nyro is still my favorite! She was a brilliant song writer and singer. Her music was soulful, beautiful….she died too soon.

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