You Ain’t Woman Enough

The great country singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn died this week at the age of 90. She was subversive in a genteel polite way. But she paved the way for later generations of women to sing and write about whatever struck their fancy. Loretta Lynn was a bad ass and a trailblazer. She’ll be missed by music fans everywhere.

According to, You Ain’t Woman Enough is Lynn’s most covered song. That’s good enough for me.

We begin with the songwriter herself and her 1966 original recording.

Connie Smith cut a traditional version of You Ain’t Woman Enough the next year. Connie could really belt it out.

I could only find one cover by a male singer. Warner Mack called it There Ain’t No Woman Enough To Take Your Man. I’m sure Loretta was glad to collect the royalties.

Tina Turner transformed the Lynn classic into a bluesy soul song. No surprise since country music and the blues are first cousins.

Next up, a Western swing interpretation by Asleep At The Wheel. That’s why they used to call the genre Country and Western.

Here’s a 21st Century interpretation by Paramore:

I never saw the Grateful Dead perform You Ain’t Woman Enough. It’s a good ‘un with Donna Godchaux on lead vox.

Finally, a duet by Rosanne Cash and KD Lang:

I’m skipping the instrumental section today. There are a few but I’m not crazy about any of them. Oh well, what the hell.

That’s it for this week. Let’s toast the memory of the great and good Loretta Lynn. It’s what Waylon, Johnny, Willie, and Kris would want. Never argue with them.