The Sinema Show

In what is allegedly a bit alluding to the show Ted Lasso, Failed Comedian Mitt Romney genuflects to his queen, Professional Weirdo Troll Krysten Sinema in this capture from the video he posted on Twitter. Maybe this is what charmed her into leaving the Democratic party?

As you well may have heard by now, Manic Pixie Dream Senator Krysten Sinema has left the Democratic Party and moved to independent. There are lots and lots of takes flying around and it’s hard to know what this all means.

One thing that we can assume is that given the body of evidence Sinema has provided us, she is an attention junkie. We can also assume that she doesn’t really care for her constituents because she has demonstrated time and again she is not interested in listening. We also know she is a master troll. I see the signs, as I have experience recognizing trolls, as was outlined here in a post about another megatroll.

You do not do things like this after you upset a large group of people, without being a troll.

It is often hard to tell what anyone is thinking, and with Sinema, it is especially difficult. I would imagine she looked at the polls and how she is viewed in Arizona by Democrats and figured a primary challenge was in the offering. So, she went independent and put the kibosh on that. It would also make the general election a real problem for Democrats, given that it would be difficult for Democrats to pull off a win with three candidates and one being a former Democrat.

On one hand, Sinema’s unfavorables with both parties are pretty high, and she actually could end up pulling more votes away from Republicans if they run another nutjob for office. At the same time, that would be a huge risk because you cannot count on that and it could hand the seat over to a Kari Lake type.

We all know that there are two other Independents in the Senate who caucus with the Democrats. Both are fairly loyal to the party as far as how they vote. Your Old Lefty Great-Uncle Bernie Sanders is more or less a pretty good soldier for Democrats, especially compared to Sinema and Coal Baron Joe Manchin. He has toned down a lot of the antagonism of Democrats and was not the person trying to sink Biden’s agenda.

Maine Senator Angus “The Mustache of the Senate” King keeps a fairly low profile and is a reliable Democratic vote. Both of them also attend the weekly Democratic meetings. Sinema has mostly avoided them for a while now.

All senators have egos, or else they would not be politicians. Sanders and King are no exception. Sinema, however, displays one that is so big it needs to be driven around in a forklift. Again, she displays little interest in listening to anyone she feels is beneath her, and she is the poster child for the type of, um, moderate who appears to listen to the opinions of those to her right much more than she does to her left.

Of course, that is where the money is. It is kind of incredible to me that some people do not consider this, but it is kind of obvious. As in, painfully obvious to anyone paying attention.

So, where do we go from here? Very hard to say with her. I think it is safe to assume she will continue to be a thorn in the side of Democrats including President Biden, and reply to any question about her motives with nonsensical gobbly-gook about “common-sense politics” or whatever. Plus just smirk at her constituents when they try to make a point to her. Probably see her campaign coffers grow from big-money donors. Maybe a few more obvious trolls, similar to her Fuck Off Ring and curtsey while voting thumbs down on helping American workers.

I would say that in any case, the most likely outcome is Sinema becomes enriched because that’s the system. In this case, you can hate both the player AND the game.

The last word goes to Elvis Costello. Sinema really is beyond belief.