Album Cover Art Wednesday: Nutcracker Suite

I saw a friend’s kid dance in The Nutcracker last year. He was one of the leads. He’s a helluva dancer. I enjoyed it even though ballet is not my jam.

That brings us to this weird 1955 album cover. I dig what Cracked’s Mark Hill wrote about it:

Why is a wolf-tiger hybrid groping its own tail while it plots to eat that girl? Why is a clown head sitting in a bush? Was the clown decapitated? If so, why’d he die with such a smile on his face? What part of the Nutcracker Suite was that in? Is that a log next to the clown head, or a slowly decomposing alligator? Why isn’t the cold preserving its corpse? Has there always been this much snow in hell?

Excellent questions with no answers in sight.

An alternate cover for the LP makes much more sense than the one above: