The Not-So Grand Inquisitor

I did not know that any pictures of Gym Jordan with his mouth shut existed. I guess his buddy Fox News meathead Sean Hannity wanted to present this mook in the most favorable light. He can usually be seen yelling and screaming except when asked about his involvement in the Dipshit Insurrection. Then mum’s the word.

Let no one say that the new House Republican majority is humorless. Here’s the NYT headline about Gym Jordan’s new subcommittee: Divided House Approves G.O.P. Inquiry Into ‘Weaponization’ of Government.

It’s so funny I forgot to laugh. It’s another exercise in projection by the Trumpist right. Weaponizing government is precisely what the Trump regime did.

Anyone surprised that Jordan lied about the purpose of the committee?

In a floor speech, Mr. Jordan said that his goal was not to target Democrats or law enforcement officers who have scrutinized Mr. Trump’s behavior. He said his interest was merely in “protecting the First Amendment” at a time when he said the right was being unfairly targeted.

“We don’t want to go after anyone,” he said. “We just want it to stop.”

That reminds me of  one of Sgt. Schultz’s sarcastic catch phrases on Hogan’s Heroes:

Jordan also defended the 19th Century throwback action during KMac’s speakership vote. Here’s a visual reminder:

Here’s what Jacketless Gym had to say about that:

“Sometimes democracy is messy, but I would argue that’s how the founders intended it,” Jordan said. “They wanted real debate, real input from all people, and then you get a decision ― whether it’s one vote or 15 votes, Kevin McCarthy is still speaker of the House. I have seen all kinds of games go into extra innings and overtime. That’s just how it works.”

Brawling in the House chamber went beyond messiness. The malakatude, it burns.

Gym Jordan is the consummate right-wing hypocrite. He’s outraged by Democratic “abuses” but when it comes to sexual abuse or coup plotting he’s all:

The real purpose of Jordan’s new select committee is to blow enough smoke to discredit the J6 committee and DOJ investigations into the Impeached Insult Comedian. It’s also self-serving:  Jordan was knee deep in the coup plot. He’s going to try and gavel his way out of that mess. There’s that word again.

I considered making like Cardinal Fang of Monty Python fame and calling this post:

Unlike your basic shouty GOPer,  I prefer not to lie to my readers. Everybody expects the Gym Jordan inquisition.   .

Tuesday night, newly minted Congressman Daniel Goldman was on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. Uncle Lawrence suggested that Goldman should be on Jordan’s committee. I think it’s a helluva idea: Goldman was the lead Democratic counsel for the first Trump impeachment. He knows how to deal with the likes of Gym Jordan. For one thing, he knows that Jordan only has an outside voice, he never lowers it inside. He’s too busy shouting.

I continue to believe that the Not-so Grand Inquisitor will overplay his hand. Subtlety has never been his strong suit. I plan to read about his antics instead of watching any hearings. There’s not enough aspirin in the world to cure a Gym Jordan headache.

The last word goes to Rosanne Cash: