The Santos-Vitter Connection

Kitara, The Talented Mr. Santos, Diaper Dave.

It’s been a long time since I kicked David Vitter around. I’m glad he’s out of office but I miss calling him Bitter Vitter and Diaper Dave. Glory days.

The connection between Vitter and Santos is a tenuous and weird one. Weirdness is, of course, guaranteed in any story involving George Anthony Devolder Santos. FYI, he claims that’s his full name. Brazilians often go by multiple names, so I believe him. Did I just say that?

Back to the Diaper-Liar connection. TPM ran a weird story about a dispute in Santos world involving a Botox-using Santos staffer wannabe, Derek Myers:

The brief saga of Myers’ time on Capitol Hill is a sign of just how chaotic things have become surrounding Santos. Myers, 30, told TPM he had been a journalist since he was 15. He previously worked as a TV reporter, before switching to print journalism after a 2015 incident in which a Baton Rouge NBC affiliate fired him for accosting Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) about a prostitution scandal that had unfolded eight years earlier. He ended up back in Ohio, saying that he runs a local newspaper called the Scioto Valley Guardian. Myers eventually set up a Washington D.C. bureau for the rural Ohio paper, after a personal relationship prompted him to relocate to D.C.

I wrote about that incident during the 2015 Gret Stet governor’s race. In that post, I expressed skepticism that the Vitter-hooker story would have an impact on that race. I was wrong. Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

I’d like to thank Derek Myers and the good people at TPM for allowing me to kick David Vitter around again. It used to be my favorite sport.

The last word goes to The Cars: