Album Cover Art: Boogie With Canned Heat

I’ve been on indictment watch. It doesn’t seem to be happening today, so let’s rock instead.

I told you this was becoming a floating feature. It’s time for a Tuesday afternoon edition.

Canned Heat are a fun blues rock band out of Los Angeles. They’re still at it despite the long ago loss of the two members who were the principals on 1968’s Boogie With Canned Heat. RIP Al Wilson and Bob The Bear Hite.

I saw Canned Heat several times as an opening act. Again, they were great fun. The Bear was a helluva performer.

Album cover art was more interesting in the Sixties. The striking image on this cover was by John Cline. The overall design was by Dean Torrance of Jan & Dean fame. The back cover is almost as cool as the front.

The back cover includes credits disguised as food products:

Finally, here’s the whole damn album. It features the song everyone knows from Woodstock: Going Up The Country.