Fox Tells Tucker To Fuck Off

We don’t know the details, but Tucker Carlson and Fox have “parted ways.” That’s spin for fired, sacked, terminated. Immediately as in don’t work today. Instead, bring boxes.

If you wanted a direct apology from Fox last week, consider this an indirect apology even if it has more to do with the Abby Grossberg case than the Dominion settlement. Whatever the reason, Tucker Carlson became such a liability to Fox that he was told to fuck off.

For those who profess shock over this development: remember Bill O’Reilly. Fox was built around him but when his pervy pervy ways became too big a problem, he was fired. It was 2017. His successor was Tucker Carlson.

Nobody is indispensable. Network founder Roger Ailes was forced out for his own pervy pervy ways. Roger and Bill-O were peas in a perverted pod.

The Murdochs are ruthless motherfuckers. They can fuck off too.

I’m sure we’ll have more about the Mothertucker’s firing when the dust settles. It feels good to dance on his cable news grave.

The last word goes to Rare Earth:

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  1. Someone on MetaFilter left a comment that said “I did nazi this coming.” Being a master pundit I thought you might enjoy it.

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