Album Cover Art: March Forth In Music

March in August continues because I’m having a hard time letting the March Fourth jokes go. In my own form of March Madness, here are three albums entitled March. FYI, none of them has anything to do with traditional marching music but there are some marching moles courtesy of Matching Mole. I am not making this up.

We begin with Michael Penn who shouldn’t be best known as Sean’s older brother or Aimee Mann’s husband, but he is:

Here’s the single from the album:

Next up, new wave chanteuse Lene Lovich:

Let’s march on and Make Believe:

Our next March is an album by the fusion band Matching Mole featuring Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine fame.

Let’s follow the Smoke Signals and the marching moles:

Finally, a band mentioned in a comment by Mitchell Nussbaum in the previous post:

The March Fourth Marching Band brings us full circle on this 18th Katrinaversary with this number:

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  1. Is that gated reverb turned up to 11 on the Penn track, or some other effect? I liked the song at the time, but now the production makes my ears bleed.

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