Red Card Foul

I’ve spent a little time reading about the fallout from the shocking incident where Jenni Hermoso, the star of the Spain’s World Cup team, was kissed without her consent by the head of the Spanish soccer federation, Luis Rubiales, after the team won the World Cup last week.

As the days have passed we’ve seen calls for Rubiales to resign. He’s also potentially the target of a criminal case. His mother is holed up in a church on a hunger strike until his innocence is proclaimed. Rubiales has so far refused to resign and has even blamed the kiss on Hermoso.  Yeah, he did.

As I was reading I began to feel very angry about it and I now realize why:  Hermoso’s team had just won the biggest championship in their sport, and here was the national federation’s president and he couldn’t bear to let her or them have the spotlight, so he decided to humiliate Hermoso by sexually harassing her for the entire word to see.

It reminded me less of TFG’s gross bragging to Billy Bush that he sexually assaulted women at random to shift the balance of power to his side and more of this:

Here his daughter had just finished a decent job of introducing him on a national broadcast (ugh I hate praising her), and the first thing he does is touch her in inappropriate and publicly embarrassing places on her body.

Both of these women had accomplished something without either of those 2 men playing a part in their accomplishments, and that was so threatening to those 2 men that their first response was to demean the women by reducing them to merely sexual objects.

It’s wrong, and it’s gross. And people wonder why women are so angry all the time.

Tori can close this out:

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  1. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re president of the Soccer Federation , they let you do it. Grab ’em by the soccer balls. You can do anything. GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!”

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