Democrats Do The Right Thing

Guy who was busted…

New Jersey Democratic Senator and gold bar collector Bob Menendez is in a heap o’ trouble with the law, once again.

Our Blog Leader Asdrastos had all the salacious details in his post yesterday, go there to get all the deets on this mess. Jokes about New Jersey politicians’ reputation for corruption enthusiasm aside, this is kind of lousy timing.

We are currently in a very dangerous time in this nation not just because one party is dominated by people who want to destroy our democracy, but also in part due to a media that much of the time seems married to the idea of both-siderism and normalizes things like Trump declaring recently he would execute the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There are way too many in the general public who are desperate for anything to allow them to go back to the “good old days” where in their mind they could say “both sides are just as bad” without sounding nutso. The media should not be feeding that.

With that in mind, it is good to compare the political response by Democrats to Menendez and the political response by Republicans to Donald Trump.

So far, more than half of all Democratic senators have called on him to resign. This included XXL Hoodie Wearer and Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, who pledged to return his donation to Menendez and this being Fetterman, cut to the chase in a way only he can.

Soon, Fetterman was joined by a growing list of Democratic senators and now more than half are on the record saying that Menendez must resign, including Cory Booker, his fellow New Jersey senator. Outside of the Senate, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Nancy Pelosi have also called on him to resign.

As terrible as they have been, the bribery charges are relatively standard bad political ethics, involving self-enrichment and helping shady foreign actors. Trump, on the other hand, has had four indictments and they involve minor things like, you know, overthrowing the government via a coup. So how have Republicans stepped up?

Adrastos’ home Senator Bill Cassidy has been one of the few Republican voices telling Trump to drop out of the race, demonstrating that even a Malaka of the Week can make sense on occasion. Failed 2024 Republican Primary Candidates Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie have loudly demanded Trump drop out and it has resulted in their combining for a robust 3.3% of the GOP primary vote as of this moment on the RealClearPolitics polling average. Mitt Romney has spoken up but he’s called it quits to go count money and learn about the finer points of doing laundry.

Most everyone else? Nope, all in for The Donald, and in turn, fascism. Lots of claims that the charges are politically motivated by a Department of Justice in the pocket of the Dems, which is something that if they really believe is true shows off the reasoning skills of a sea slug.

It is a pretty clear contrast. I hope that despite the best efforts of much of the mainstream media to do everything they can to cast Menendez as an example of “both sides have the same corruption problem” enough of the American people can see it.

The last word goes to Iggy Pop, who gets to the point.