What It’s Really All About

In case any of you still labored under the false impression that Republcans were concerned about fighting terrorism instead of fighting Democrats, here’s an illustrative little moment via the NYT:

The terrorists were booed, and so was Senator John Kerry, but the loudest scorn in the convention hall Monday night was reserved for the filmmaker Michael Moore.

Senator John McCain, speaking from the podium, mentioned “a disingenuous filmmaker,” an obvious reference to Mr. Moore, whose film, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” was a scathing attack on President Bush.

Mr. Moore just happened to be sitting in the hall, having found his way into the gathering with a press pass. Seated in the stands with other journalists, he gave a wave and held up his hand in the shape of an L, for loser, as the boos rose around him.

As Mr. McCain squirmed, the crowd broke into chants of “four more years.” Mr. Moore responded by holding up two fingers, saying, “Two more months.”

That’s what matters to Republicans: a loudmouthed filmmaker who said mean things about their preznit. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what turns them on.