Hi, Joe! Joe’s Here! Everybody Wave to Joe!

Everyone else knew Joe Lockhart was working for Kerry, right? I’m the only one who didn’t know that? Because, hee.

Kerry spokesman Joe Lockhart instantly accused Republicans of “slash-and-burn politics” and said it won’t work. “Dick Cheney and Zell Miller looked like angry and grumpy old men,” he said.

Nice one.

The whole story’s pretty good. BTW, did the AP mothball Nedra? She hasn’t been stinking up the wires in a good long time. Whoever has her in their spare bedroom, keep her there until November, mmkay? Feed her and everything, but don’t let her near her laptop.

And to those last five Nader voters and everybody else who interpreted my post last night to mean I was ready to throw Kerry over the side, cripes. Allow a girl her moments of doubt and frustration from the sidelines, wouldja, without coming to the conclusion that I’m a traitor to the cause?

I’m not losing faith. I’m spoiling for a knock-down, drag-out, Australian Rules Football fight because I know if we suit up and get in one, we can win it.